Fusion Unveils the Challenges Hispanic Students Face Within the American Public School System with “The Last Border”

“The Last Border” Narrated by Renowned Mexican Actor Demian Bichir Airs Sunday, August 31 at 8:00 p.m.

Is the US education system failing Hispanics who are striving for the key to the American Dream: a college education? “The Last Border,” narrated by renowned Mexican actor Demian Bichir, follows several at-risk, low-income Hispanic students as they attempt to become the first in their family to go to college. Like so many Latino families, their parents moved to this country to provide a better life for their children — hoping that with more opportunity and education they could move away from low-paying jobs and into the middle class. For many, this has become the hardest border to cross. “The Last Border" airs as part of Fusion’s “Documental” series on Sunday, August 31 at 8:00 p.m., ET on Fusion.

Today, more than a quarter of all school-aged children are Latino, but according to the Department of Education 150,000 Latinos drop out of school every year. That’s more than 400 every day, 17 every hour.

“Documental,” Fusion’s weekly series of documentaries, features a new doc every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m., ET. To find out if Fusion is available in your area visit: GetFusionTV.com.

Fusion’s Dan Lieberman Travels to Most Dangerous Place in the World, Reports for ABC’s “Nightline”


Fusion Special Correspondent Dan Lieberman traveled to the most dangerous place in the world — San Pedro Sula. Fusion went inside the Honduran city plagued by drug trafficking and gang violence, creating scores of migrants fleeing for their lives.

In addition to his reporting airing on Fusion’s flagship news program “AMERICA with Jorge Ramos" it aired Thursday night on ABC’s "Nightline.” Watch below.

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New York Post ​| New Fusion Host Taps Into the Younger Market

Fusion’s Alicia Menendez spoke to the New York Post about her Fusion primetime show “AM Tonight" and the types of guest she likes to interview.

And Menendez is not a traditional TV host… Her half hour, weeknight show, “Alicia Menendez Tonight” is an eclectic mix of commentary and newsmaker interviews that spans the high and low, from transgender rights to Justin Bieber. “If it’s a story that would appear on any other network from any other talent, it generally is a no-go or at least a yellow light,” she says…

“When you find somebody who is really special and on the verge of becoming a huge star or huge icon, they are willing to be real with you,” she says. “Once you get a really high-level celebrity … it’s much more difficult to have what feels like a conversation rather than an interview because they’re on message.”

Read the full story via the New York Post here.

Jonathan Stern Joins Fusion from Red Bull Media House to Lead Business Development


Fusion today announced that Jonathan Stern is joining Fusion as Vice President and Head of Business Development from Red Bull Media House. “Fusion needs to be everywhere our audience is and Jonathan will play a key strategic role in helping us achieve that,” said Fusion CEO Isaac Lee. “He will lead our efforts to expand Fusion’s reach and distribution of our high-quality content on a number of existing and emerging platforms. Jonathan will also be exploring a number of new business and production opportunities as we look to forge powerful alliances that will amplify awareness of the Fusion brand.”

Lee’s full memo to the staff below.

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Fusion Launches International Documentary Challenge, Winners to Premiere Docs at Slamdance

Winners Will Premiere Docs at Slamdance and Be Featured Across Fusion Platforms

Fusion today announced that is partnering with the The International Documentary Challenge to launch a short documentary challenge that will focus on creating compelling short documentary content for young, diverse audiences.

“We know that millennials are smart, young, curious and creative — and the best way to showcase that is by allowing them to showcase themselves,” Fusion CEO Isaac Lee said. “By partnering with the International Documentary Challenge, we can engage with our audience while holding up the best they have to offer for their peers worldwide to experience.”

The International Fusion Documentary Challenge will challenge young filmmakers from around to world to create short documentaries (4-7 minutes) in five days from start to finish. Filmmakers will get to choose the five days they would like to make their film between now and November 5, 2014. Contestants will be given the theme of this year’s challenge and get to choose between two given genres. After November 10, the top 12 films are determined by an esteemed panel of judges and premiere at the Fusion Doc Challenge Screening at Slamdance in January 2015 and at The Big Sky Documentary Film Festival in February.

Fusion Doc Challenge will host an opening weekend party at Slamdance. In addition to the top 12 films, an additional 8 films are chosen for an exclusive 18-month distribution deal with Fusion. The films also compete at TheAudienceAwards.com to an online international audience.

The International Documentary Challenge and The Audience Awards are proud to partner with Fusion to expand our trusted brand and create more opportunities for emerging filmmakers through Fusion Doc Challenge. One of our main goals is to provide talented young filmmakers great opportunity to advance their careers. A premiere at Slamdance and television exposure through Fusion is the perfect match for moving The Doc Challenge into our next decade,” said Paige Williams, Doc Challenge Executive Producer.

For more on how to participate in the Fusion International Doc Challenge click here. Follow the DocChallenge on Facebook, Twitter (@TheDocChallenge), and Instagram (@DocChallenge).

To sign up for the Challenge, visit: www.theaudienceawards.com/fusiondocchallenge


Fusion Interactive Team Pushes Boundaries of Storytelling | via Knight Foundation

Pictured: Mariana Santos, the interactive and animation director for the Fusion Interactive Team

Once upon a time, storytelling may have been defined by the use of words, images or video.

But by using digital innovations such as games the Interactive Team at Fusion, a television and digital network, refuses to consider storytelling as creating content for mere consumption; the innovators want to change the way people interact with stories.  

Read the full story at the Knight Foundation.

Fusion Announces Primetime Special #HandsUpDontShoot to Cover Ongoing Unrest in Ferguson

Special Reported by Mariana Atencio to Air Thursday at 9:30 p.m., ET on Fusion 

What’s it like to be young, black and male in Ferguson, Missouri? Fusion’s Mariana Atencio takes you on a different kind of “ride-along” as two young men from Ferguson show us their reality following the shooting death of unarmed teenager Michael Brown. Fusion shows you what they see, from police armed for war to their community set on fire. We also hear what they want. Is there a leadership gap? And what is the real root of the community anger?#HandsUpDontShoot airs Thursday at 9:30p.m., ET on Fusion.

Watch: T.I.: ‘Every black man has had an experience with law enforcement.’

Watch: On the ground in Ferguson: “I saw a city that is deeply segregated”

Read: This is America in 2014? What I witnessed last night in Ferguson was appalling

Watch: Top Democrat on Ferguson: “We need more training for Police” 

Read: Ferguson gets restless sleep as community leaders call for calm

More on Fusion’s Ferguson Coverage Here

Fusion To Air “Risking It All: Children At The Border” By Award-Winning Journalist And Univision News Anchor Maria Elena Salinas

One-Hour News Special Airs Thursday, August 21 at 10:00 p.m. on Fusion

Award-winning journalist and Univision News anchor María Elena Salinas presents an in-depth report for Fusion, “Risking It All: Children at the Border.” Salinas takes an intimate look at the root of the crisis of unaccompanied minors from its very source: the three Central American countries from where thousands are flocking to the United States. Traveling to El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala, Salinas interviews key players in the humanitarian crisis, including presidents, immigration authorities, human rights advocates, crime specialists, human smugglers, gang members and of course the minors. She also visits some of the poorest and most dangerous areas in those countries to witness the deplorable conditions that drive so many to abandon their home in search of a better life, survival, or to reunite with their family members. The hard-hitting news special “Risking It All: Children at the Border” airs Thursday, August 21 at 10:00 p.m. on Fusion.

According to the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, more than 52,000 unaccompanied children have been detained by the U.S. Border Patrol since October 2013 and taken to several facilities inside the U.S.

This special is the latest in Fusion’s on-going reporting on the border crisis. Fusion news anchor Jorge Ramos anchored a special edition of “Edge of a Crisis: An AMERICA Special” from the border last month. Watch here: http://fus.in/1sH9Gzv.

Fusion Shines a Light on the Tragic Reality of Animal Cruelty Across the Globe with “The Ghosts in Our Machine”

“Ghosts” Airs Sunday, August 24 at 8:00 p.m. as Part of Fusion’s “Documental” Series

Are animals property to be owned and used, or are they living beings deserving of rights? Through the award-winning documentary “The Ghosts in Our Machine” Fusion takes viewers on a journey of discovery, revealing the often hidden story of the animals we knowingly or unknowingly interact with on a daily basis. Follow activist and artist Jo-Anne McArthur on a series of investigations that reveal some of the unfortunate truths about how animals are treated in the machine that is our global economy. Through stark and powerful images, the film provides a window into the global industries that use animals for-profit: food, fashion, entertainment, and research among others. “The Ghosts in Our Machine" airs as part of Fusion’s “Documental” series on Sunday, August 24 at 8:00 p.m., ET on Fusion. More on the documentary here.

“Documental,” Fusion’s weekly series of documentaries, features a new doc every Sunday night at 8:00 p.m., ET. To find out if Fusion is available in your area visit: GetFusionTV.com.


Fusion Announces Documentary Project with Sam Simon, Co-Creator of The Simpsons

Fusion Gains Exclusive Access to the Life of Acclaimed TV Writer-Producer to Document His Battle Against Cancer and His Fight for Animal Rights

Fusion today announced a documentary project with critically acclaimed television writer-producer Sam Simon. The Simpsons co-creator has given Fusion exclusive access to the final months of his life, allowing the network to document the powerful and emotional story of his fight in two battles — one against cancer and another for animal rights.

In late 2012, Sam Simon was diagnosed with terminal colorectal cancer which has since spread to several other organs. As he battles the cancer, Simon is giving away most of his fortune to save animals from harmful and abusive situations worldwide.

“Sam Simon is a singular figure. Our hope is to pay tribute to his life and career while also sparking an important conversation about animal rights and empowering young people to be a catalyst for change,” said Fusion CEO Isaac Lee.

Sam Simon is the critically acclaimed television writer, producer and director of Taxi, Cheers, The Tracey Ullman Show, The Drew Carey Show & The Simpsons, which he co-created. He is the recipient of nearly a dozen Emmy Awards as well as a Peabody award. Well known within the entertainment industry for his major philanthropic efforts, Simon founded the Sam Simon Foundation, whose mission is to “save the lives of dogs to enrich the lives of people.” Simon is a longtime member of the National Board of PETA and has also contributed to Captain Paul Watson’s Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, a global marine conversation organization which combats whaling and illegal fishing around the globe. In 2011, Simon also founded The Sam Simon Foundation: Feeding Families, a mobile vegan food bank that currently feeds 400 unemployed families each day.

The documentary project is being produced in conjunction with Wayfarer Entertainment.

[Photo credit: Michael Brian]

Fusion’s “Cannabusiness Report” Examines the Use of Marijuana Among Professional Athletes

“The Cannabusiness Report: Sports and Weed” Airs Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 p.m. on Fusion

Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent Ryan Nerz explores the role of marijuana in professional sports for the latest installment of “The Cannabusiness Report” airing Thursday, August 14 at 10:00 p.m. on Fusion.

Several former and current NFL players talked to Nerz about the widespread use of marijuana and pain killers in the league. Six-year NFL veteran Tank Johnson said that the percentage of players using weed is “seventy to eighty percent. I hate to say that as if it’s a bad thing but I think that would be about accurate.” Current players Walter Thurmond and Emmanuel Sanders explain that the drug is a useful elixir for pain maintenance and stress relief.

Fusion talks to former Olympic snowboarder Ross Rebagliati, who nearly lost his gold medal due to a positive weed test, who debates whether or not pot is a performance enhancing drug. In addition, after discussing the effects of concussions versus marijuana use on the developing brain, Fusion will take a look at the unique world of cannabis-enhanced bodybuilding.

The Cannabusiness Report” explores some of the biggest questions surrounding cannabis culture and the booming industry evolving around it. Fusion’s Chief Cannabis Correspondent Ryan Nerz is a Yale-educated journalist who has written for NPR, Esquire, and the History Channel. He is also the author of MARIJUANAMERICA: One Man’s Quest to Understand America’s Dysfunctional Love Affair with Weed.

Fusion Investigation of Teen’s Death by Taser Asks: Is There an Effort to Suppress How Deadly These Weapons Can Be?


“Tasered: The Israel Hernandez Story” Airs August 6 at 8:00 p.m., ET Only on Fusion

How does an unarmed 18-year-old aspiring artist, who simply tagged a building with graffiti, wind up dead? Israel Hernandez’s death while in custody of the Miami Beach Police sparked international outrage and questions of police brutality. Now one year later, an emotional Fusion documentary investigates the little known story of the weapon that killed Hernandez: The Taser. Fusion examines the controversy around the supposedly “non-lethal” weapon, how it is used, or misused, with potentially lethal results. “Tasered: The Israel Hernandez Story” airs August 6 at 8:00 p.m., ET on Fusion. In addition, Fusion will premiere a digital version of the report on Fusion.net on Tuesday, August 5.

Tasers have been promoted as a non-lethal weapon that helps law enforcement officials subdue suspects. It’s legal for consumers to own and carry Tasers in 43 states, and they are not considered firearms by the government. But are they really non-lethal? Fusion’s investigation examines questions about efforts to suppress information about how deadly the weapons can be, and reveals that the federal government doesn’t keep track of deaths caused by this supposedly non-lethal weapons because they are “highly controversial.”

This Fusion Investigates special was produced by Connie Fossi; Roderick Avila served as editor and director of photography.

Fusion and Univision News to Serve as Media Partners of Chicago Ideas Week and the Future Global Leaders Summit

The Annual Gathering of Global Thought Leaders and Innovators will take Place October13-19

Univision News, the award-winning news division of Univision Communications, Inc. (UCI), the leading media company serving Hispanic America, has announced that it will serve as an official media partner of Chicago Ideas Week (CIW) 2014, to be held October 13–19 in Chicago.

Bringing together some of the world’s brightest thinkers and interested participants to inspire innovation and help transform new ideas into tangible results, CIW presents over 175 globally recognized speakers in 80+ sessions covering a variety of subjects. Launched in 2010, the weeklong event draws more than 27,000 attendees annually, including artists, engineers, technologists, inventors, scientists, musicians, economists, and journalists, among others.

“Univision News is proud to join Chicago Ideas Week 2014 as an official media partner,” said Isaac Lee, president of Univision News and CEO of Fusion. “Our alliance with this prestigious organization will allow Univision News to produce exclusive, unique content focused on new, groundbreaking ideas in a variety of areas and to give our audience direct access to today’s most distinguished global thought leaders and innovators.”

In addition to Talks, Conversations, Labs and other sessions, CIW 2014 will host a Future Global Leaders Summit with outstanding young leaders in the political, social, and technological arenas, all under the age of 35. Fusion, the news, pop culture and satire TV and digital network owned by Univision and Disney/ABC, will be the Summit’s official media partner.

As a result of the media partnership with CIW, Univision News, Univision Chicago, and Fusion will feature exclusive content from the CIW sessions, as well as interviews with CIW speakers, across television and digital platforms. Univision and Fusion news anchors may also participate in the panels hosting the sessions.