LYRICS to Fusion Musical Video

Below are the lyrics to the Fusion Launch Musical Video. The lyrics were written by 13-time Emmy Winner and former Daily Show Executive Producer David Javerbaum – who now serves as an Executive Producer for Fusion — and the music was composed by Adam Schlesinger.

Now the licensing is over, the cable rights are cleared, And the mega-distribution deals are through.

We’ve received our final memos

About targeting our demos

And how ad sales wants our viewership to skew.

(The Fusion logo pops on in the lower right.)

Now our carefully iconoclastic logo has appeared, And our graphics are arriving right on cue.

We’ve got multi-tiered financing!

We’ve got singing, we’ve got dancing!

We’ve got everything we need… except for you!

We’re Fusion!

The corporate godchild of ABC/Disney and Univision!


Two media giants synergistically making a joint decision To form a strategic alliance ‘Cause their mutual interests align!

We’re Fusion!

Come watch us shine!

When the time to segment Fusion’s target demographic came, We at first thought young Hispanics were our core.

Then we ran it up the flagpole and decided we should aim At millennials 18 to 34.




And Latino,

If we work together, we know

We can make your spirits and our ratings soar!

We’re Fusion!

We’re not only news – we’re opinion, discussion and lifestyle pieces!


A programming shift you can glean from the tone of our press releases!

We offer world-class reporting

With a youth-friendly pop culture theme!

We’re Fusion!

Come watch us dream…

(Anchors daydreaming)

One minute to airtime! One minute to airtime!

We’re Fusion!

And maybe we’re new to the dizzying landscape of basic cable!


But we’re out to earn our own seat at the digital top-tier table!

We’ve got the spirit and focus!

We’ve got the passion and drive!

We’re Fusion!

We’re Fusion!

We’re Fusion!…

And we are live.